Wanderback: American Single Malt Reimagined

When you hear the words “single malt”, do you immediately think of scotch? When you read “American whiskey” do you think of bourbon? Producers, like Wanderback, are changing that notion by making world-class American single malts.

Our distillery, located at the family Farm in Hood River, Oregon has a unique production process that combines the experience of top distilleries around the country with the mastery and vision of Wanderback’s founder, Phil Downer.

Our first single malt was made in collaboration with Westland Distillery in Seattle, WA. Phil worked side-by-side with Matt Hoffman and his team to distill a bold, single malt made from four flavorful Pacific Northwest barley malts.

We then transferred our newly made whiskey to age in our historic red barn at our Farm. We have created two unique, distinctive batches of award-winning whiskeys from this run, with a third batch slated for Fall 2019.

We are currently aging whiskeys from collaborations with other world-class distilleries for future releases. While every batch will be unique, all have one thing in common: top quality American single malt that will surprise and delight.

We hope you discover a bottle of Wanderback soon and that you’ll connect to tell us how you like it. Until then, we invite you to join us on our adventures in whiskey making on Instagram and Facebook.