In the shadow of Mt. Hood we live, play and work on the farm. While it’s true that we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, it’d be a lie to say this isn’t just a blast. Here we’re restless. Here we’re boundless. And here, away from the constraints of the real world, we find a renewed appreciation for the richness of life. We work the land, cook good food, drink good whiskey and enjoy life with friends and family. The 30-acre farm is home to a barn built in the 1920s where we age our whiskey and a fertile slope of land on which we grow the estate barleys we carry with us on our adventures in whiskey-making. Around the fire at the end of every day we come together to re-live the moments over a dram of whiskey. But while our thoughts return to where we’ve been, they always wander to where we’re going next.