We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: we believe whiskey is best enjoyed neat. Simple. Elegant. No fuss.

But! That doesn’t mean that good whiskey cocktails are banned from our list. A classic Old Fashioned is never a bad place to start, as this is often our go-to. In taking a departure from the classic though, we’ve been indulging in two craft cocktails, masterminded by the skilled mixologists at Loyal Legion in Portland, Oregon. Featuring unexpected ingredients, they’re a great way to enjoy the essence of both Batch No. 1 and Batch No. 2 in a new light.

First up:

The Wanderer

Its adventurous naming and dual whiskey + double bitters ingredients suit us perfectly. The mouth is warm and smokey, which really compliments Batch No. 1.


Wanderback Batch No. 1

Suntory Toki

Hopped Grapefruit bitters

Emakule TIki bitters

Garnish: demerara sugar

Next: Ain’t No Wanderback Girl

Channel your inner pop band tunes and you’ll likely conjure up this Gwen Stephani classic. The strong lyrics suit this cocktail perfectly. Are you ready? This one is a bit sassy.


Wanderback Batch No. 2

Strawberry-infused Dimmi


Garnish: sugar with picked strawberry

You can make either of these at home, although the ingredients are a bit obscure or, stop into Loyal Legion and order one by name.

Now, sit back, enjoy your cocktail and peruse our latest whiskey releases, happenings at the Farm and events on Instagram and Facebook. Cheers!