The Spirit of the Bottle:

Capturing the Essence of Batch No. 2

Wanderback whiskey recipes start with two things: inspiration and ingredients. How they come together on the tail end is really an adventure in itself– especially at The Farm.

Each time we bottle, it’s the unique mix of family and friends, fun, good food and hard work that make every bottle and box we put on the pallette...a shared experience. There’s a dance that develops as the day and the process evolve: Someone’s a leader. Someone follows. A new idea spurs a new system. Emotions range from laser-focused to spontaneous laughter.

The rewards are plenty, especially as we share our first sips of Batch No. 2 around the table. We’re having a great time chatting about how good it tastes and why. As with all good whiskies, it comes down to the time and energy put into making it just right. And Batch No. 2 is proof of that.

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Batch No. 2 Flavor Beta

Starting with the same mash recipe as Batch No. 1, this time around founder Phil Downer decided to finish the whiskey in a combination of ex-rum casks, from a beautiful, old Nicaraguan distillery, and ex-bourbon casks from Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky. During the 6-month finishing process, these used barrels added new tastes, an incredible amount of depth, and rounded out the “edges” of the whiskey.

Suffice it to Batch No. 2 has delivered a new flavor profile that’s one fun adventure for the palate–a sip-satisfying blend of malty sweetness with a hint of floral and spice thrown in. It’s full and well-rounded in the mouth with a long and satisfying finish.

So when can you grab a bottle, we hear you ask? Remember the saying: All good things come to those who wait? Well, we had to wait to make the labels until we finalized the blend of the two barrel types and really understood the final taste profile. That’s just how we roll–we're perfectionists.

We’re estimating Batch No. 2 will be released into stores in September. Sign up to be the first to know the exact release dates (there are only 2,143 bottles up for grabs) AND for a chance to get your hands on some Wanderback swag to celebrate!